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Lifestyle Tips Every Young Mother Should Know

It’s always amazing to be a new mother. However, this new amazing life can also be intimidating at times especially if you are not prepared. This post is prepared with young and brand new mothers in mind. We shall look at some lifestyle tips every young mother should practice in […]

new inventions 2018

5 Inventions We Are Looking Forward to See in 2018

Inventions and innovations will always be part of the package every New Year brings to humanity. Many of the inventions are inclined towards making lives easier and better while of course others will always prove detrimental to human existence. Inventions are often based on pre-existing needs and also on the […]


Nanotechnology – what is hidden underneath this term?

Nanotechnology is term that makes some people feel nervous and others be optimistic for the future. Yet when the technology is actually made into a reality one set of people will consider their views justified and the others will not. Nanotechnology was envisaged as a means of making machines that […]