Nanotechnology – what is hidden underneath this term?

Nanotechnology is term that makes some people feel nervous and others be optimistic for the future. Yet when the technology is actually made into a reality one set of people will consider their views justified and the others will not. Nanotechnology was envisaged as a means of making machines that were so small that they would be made up of molecules. Nanotechnology when the term was first used in the 1980’s seemed to offer the prospect of revolutionizing the ways some medical, industrial and technological things could be carried out. The question has to be asked, what is hidden by this term?


In many respects, in theory at least there little that can be hidden by using the term nanotechnology, That is because the term explains itself even to people with only a limited knowledge of science and technology. The theory is simple enough to grasp, using micro production techniques in order to produce molecular sized tools to carry out specific tasks, which larger pieces of equipment would be far too large to use for. These remote and or radio controlled devices can do things or reach places that no other tools, or pair of hands could do. Whilst the theory of nanotechnology was simple to understand, it proved harder to achieve in reality. Nanotechnology had to wait for improvements in computers and electronic microscopes to become a reality.


However nanotechnology is a term that can hide the fact that it is a technological advance that could be used for evil or immoral purposes, even though that is contrary to the reasons for developing it in the first place. The intention behind this technology was to make the world a better place, not a more dangerous one. Yet it can be used to develop things like biological and chemical weapons, either in secret by governments, or by terrorist groups. Medical research techniques using nanotechnology can be used for harm, and terrorist groups will have no qualms in using such weapons once they have successfully made them.


There are military uses for nanotechnology too, though these are not particularly hidden by using the term either. Weapons could be given greater precision, or the ability to be accurately targeted by the use of technology. Making weapons could be effective using the technology as well. Again the military in countries across the globe could use it to develop biological and chemical agents to attack enemies with.


However the majority of purposes that nanotechnology are used for do not have to be hidden at all. It is used for medical research that develops cures and treatments for illnesses such as cancer. The technology has been put to really good use in carrying out surgical procedures. This key hole surgery has meant that surgeons have been able to operate on more patients than before, and to successfully treat more conditions than had previously been the case.

Further more nanotechnology means that such small tools can be made to make miniature components for compact technological items such as phones and tablets.