Motorcycle Backpacks – how to choose the one which rocks

For bike riding lovers, nothing could be more fun that travelling to their favourite destinations in the best weather. The pleasure of a long-distance bike ride, however, could be spoiled if either the rider is unable to carry enough items of requirement or ends up carrying heavy or wrongly balanced luggage. It is thus, imperative to choose the correct motorcycle backpacks.

Heavy luggage can interfere with comfortable driving and can also result into unnecessary fatigue. There is a wide variety of good motorcycle backpacks which one could choose from. A motorbike rider can find luggage designed especially to be attached to various parts of the bike including the tank, or windshield. Motorcycle backpacks made of fine leather can be assembled or rearranged to make a belt pack, saddle bag or a back seat bag. The design depends on the volume of luggage to be carried.

Other varieties of bags include tank bags, saddle bags, sissy bags and back seat bags. The tank bag gets attached to the fuel tank and is one of the most preferred motorcycle backpacks among frequent riders. The most convenient part of using this bag is that it remains in front view of the rider throughout the ride and easily accessible even on the move.

A saddle bag, meanwhile, is mostly a permanent feature developed by riders in their motorcycles. This kind of bag is attached to the rear wheel and elevates the glamour in the bike. This bag has more capacity to carry stuff and hence, preferred by many riders. These bags do not have compartments and the rider mostly need to carry small pouches inside them to segregate items.

A backseat bag is a good option for riders who face back aches after a long ride since this bag is placed right on the back seat of the motorcycle. These bags help the rider keep his spine straight and sometimes bent towards the back due to the weight of the bag. In such cases, the prospects of developing backache come down significantly for the rider.

For a double rider bike, sissy bar bags are more convenient than the backseat bags since these are attached to the sissy bar and do not occupy the seating space available for the pillion rider. Also, the sissy bar bags, attached to the sissy bar provide support to the pillion rider and safeguards him or her from falling back during high-speed rides.

Many new riders make the mistake of carrying the regular sling bags or the heavier backseat bags on their shoulders. They also end up filling these bags with loads of things. A new motorcycle rider needs to first go through motorcycle backpacks guides before planning the journey, such as the ones published on This can help them a long way in fighting the riding fatigue, backaches and help them focus more on the pleasure of riding.

The riders also need to be cautious of keeping these bags locked well, in order to avoid losing valuables while riding on tough terrains. The bags are at risk of throwing up during jerks. The jerks are felt more on a motorcycle than in a four-wheeler. Also, both, the rider and his luggage are exposed directly to open roads.