Lemmy Kilmister – what we can learn from his life and death

The late Lemmy Kilmister was the legendary bass player and lead vocalist with the British bands Hawkwind and then Motorhead. Lemmy was also legendary for leading a hedonistic lifestyle, which would have killed many more people at a younger age than the 70 years he managed to live. He was a man that did not do things by half, and would never have wanted to change his lifestyle to improve his health.


Lemmy died just two days after his 70th birthday and had known he had an aggressive form of cancer. We can learn from his life and death that cancer is more likely to happen to people that drink and smoke heavily. Abusing our bodies in such ways greatly increases the risks of developing cancer. However people develop cancer at different ages even though they all run similar risks by drinking and smoking. Drinking, drugs, and smoking, not to mention womanizing were all part of the rock and roll lifestyle when Ian Kilmister started out in the music business during the 1960’s . He soon got renamed Lemmy and began to indulge in rock and roll excesses.


Being a member of Hawkwind was not something that be good if Lemmy had ever seriously considered not becoming involvrd in taking drugs as well as drinking excessive volumes of alcohol. Hawkwind were a band that played progressive rock music and were influenced by the hippy culture. Hawkwind were a group that were heavily into taking drugs, and Lemmy lost his job with them after been caught with drugs by Canadian customs officials. He was not convicted due to a technicality and now without band decided to form Motorhead.


We can learn from Lemmy that some bands took more drugs and drank more alcohol than other groups. Motorhead worked hard, played hard, and enjoyed themselves all the way through their career. The band and Lemmy as their front man were content to lead their lives at full throttle and enjoy themselves, so in that respect they acted like many musical acts that were around in the 1970’s. Lemmy would include lyrics in their songs that hinted at the kind of lives that were leading, with tracks such as Speed Freak and Lemmy Goes To The Pub. Perhaps the song that summed it up best was Ace Of Spades, the gist of, which is that life is a gamble, that risks have to be taken, and that nobody wanted to life forever.


From looking at the life and death of Lemmy we can learn that people should attempt to live theirs in any way, which makes sure that they have no regrets by the time that they died. Lemmy went through life doing what he loved to do, he got to go around the world a few times over, and made enough money to keep on doing it all for almost fifty years. Leading a life with no regrets is perhaps something that everybody should aspire to, even if they cannot achieve it. Lemmy had no regrets, and very few people could think the same before their deaths.