A Better Tomorrow Album By Wu Tang Clan – Review

Wu Tang Clan is a group of Hip Hop artists in the United States who are based in New York City. This celebrated group has sold a high number of records, totaling to an overwhelming 40 Million records throughout the world. They have released several albums ever since they began their music career. Of all the albums released, one that really stands out from the rest is A Better Tomorrow. The album exhibits music variety and a blend of unique styles. Find out more from here.

About The Album

  • Released in December 2014
  • Recorded under Asylum and Warner Bros Label
  • Available in digital download and CD format
  • Sold about 25,000 copies in the US

A Better Tomorrow has a good production which features a soundtrack that bears a close resemblance to the work of RZA ‘s debut The Man With The Iron Fist that was released in 2012.The group name-Wu Tang Clan does not dominate in this album unlike the previous releases. In addition, the beats are completely different from 8 diagrams that were released in 2007.

This extraordinary album features heavy sound which expresses the mood of Wu Tang Clan. It also shows a greater variation from the ordinary story telling style that is common among the group. ‘Felt’ diminishes the use of memorable turns from the Wu Tang Can artists like Ghostface Killer and Method Man in drum and bass enhancements.

In A Better Tomorrow album, two artists Inspector Deck and Cappadonna begin to plod over the flow of the song entitled Mistaken Identity. Here we realize a change of sound which was initially less powerful to a pretty good tune.

In situations where overbearing arrangements does not dominate the album, music sweetness becomes prevalent. The track Miracle has an excellent production except for the chorus without beats and the melodrama that tends to interfere with the flow of verses.’ Felt’ cuts a chorus from ‘ Feelings’ song of 1970s. The ‘Preacher’s daughter can only be listened for Met and Ghosts sense of humor. The title of this wonderful track suits that of ‘Wake Up Everybody’ by Harold Melvine and Blue Notes.