5 Inventions Which Prove Nikola Tesla Was The Greatest Inventor Ever

Nikola Tesla, genius Inventor, was often misunderstood and deliberately persecuted by his competitors and the government. Thomas Edison was the most famous of those that attempted to undermine Tesla’s greatness, and in a way, Edison won because he is better remembered in the history books. However, the real greatness was all Tesla’s, and here are 5 Inventions that prove it

5. Alternating Current:

AC/DC, not simply a band, actually are the two kinds of currents used to power objects by electricity. Direct current was Edison’s invention, and alternating current, a far safer and cheaper option, was Tesla’s, and it currently powers North America.

4. Radio:

To those who are saying Marconi invented the radio, the Supreme Court overturned his patent in 1943 when Tesla Was proven to have invented it years prior, even applying for his own patents.

3. The Electric Motor:

There is a good reason the electric sports car was named for Tesla. Only the beginning of the first World War prevented his invention from becoming widely known.

2.Remote Control:

One of Tesla’s patents was for the first remote control boat. From this has come many other Inventions, from toys to weapons. Most tools that are created for mankind at some point are turned to harmful purposes, but the positive developments still hold great value despite this.

1. Lasers:

One of the greatest Inventions, yet another with harmful and beneficial uses. The advancements in surgery alone make this an invention of limitless value, yet people will create the ray guns soon enough.

Sadly, Nikola Tesla died penniless and virtually unknown in 1943, his work largely suppressed by corporations and the government. His work was seized upon his demise, by the United States Government, although much recently was released due to the Freedom of Information Act. His work deserves recognition in this modern era, giving him the respect in death he was too often denied in life.