5 Inventions We Are Looking Forward to See in 2018

Inventions and innovations will always be part of the package every New Year brings to humanity. Many of the inventions are inclined towards making lives easier and better while of course others will always prove detrimental to human existence. Inventions are often based on pre-existing needs and also on the improvement of pre-existing inventions. The fact about inventions is that they are set in a very competitive world, so the deal always gets better upon every new release.

The year 2016 comes as no exception and many are the innovations to expect from the world of technology and artificial intelligence. There are already smart devices existing to which major changes will be made to affect human lives and activities from the state-of-the-art laboratories to the corporate world. Here are some of the top five innovations that may be part of what many are interested in:

1) A wider variety and spectrum of wearables

The years prior to 2016 have seen engineers develop gadgets that have played a great role in reducing the need for the portability of larger devices such as laptops. Top developers of wearables have come up with smart watches and other wrist gadgets that have proved to be of great use while on the move. The year 2016 is expected to see the development and rise of more efficient gadgets with a broader spectrum of activities for which they can be utilized for.

2) The advent of more complex transport systems

The field of transport has evolved quite majorly since the invention of the wheel which happened very many years ago. Each invention has sparked up another and there have been major achievements including the very popular aero plane invention by the Wright brothers. Getting to the twenty first century, the flying has been quite revolutionized with other flying objects used for transport being major products realized and others still being in prospect. 2016 should be a year to expect a new release of a complex transportation means and their production on large scale.

3) More from the world of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence has been a pillar in the revolution of almost every aspect of the human lives on their day to day activities. Technology companies all over the world have been on an unceasing and competitive streak to bring the best products for human utilization. There has been the advent of voice recognition which in turn has been a pillar for the creation of many smart devices. The face recognition and other related identification measures have been other major inventions that have helped play a major role in security. There is major the major anticipation of better security systems revolving around AI in 2016. Also in the field of smart devices, we expect to see inventions that will see the simplification of life in the living environment of people who own smart homes.

4) Drones

The military and industries have much to thank engineers for due to their creation of the drones which have been great game changers in the battle fields and in the control and reporting of industrial processes. We expect to get more from the makers of the drone with the spectrum of activities that they can handle, in 2016.

5) Interconnectivity of things

Over the years, technology companies have worked to create a suitable environment for the interconnectivity of devices in which human beings have been able to share information or remotely access other devices. 2016 should be a year to see the advent of a brand new mode of interconnectivity to outdo the existing ones.